Accounts Receivable Automation

Managing the post transactional relationship with your clients is a critical part of any business. For companies that provide credit to their customers, the big challenge is to get paid, and in a timely manner.

A significant percentage of working capital is often consumed by slow payers.

And, because the systems and processes for this all important function are typically very manual and time consuming, the cost of collecting what is owed to you is considerable.

OfficeTorque FRM has been specifically designed to automate a large portion of the manual processes and communications associated with AR Management.

The fully customisable debtor management workflow engine allows you to define the triggers, content and communication channels that best suit your needs, as well as the profile of your various customers and their preferences.

Bill queries and disputes can be managed very efficiently using the task management functions, allowing either fully automated workflow, or rapid manual escalations. The dispute management workflow can be tracked and reported on to ensure full transparency of any delays associated with dispute resolution within the organisation.

Full monitoring and reporting ensures that any legitimate barriers to payment are resolved in a timely manner.

The comprehensive Client Dashboard makes it quick and easy for the credit team to manage their customer follow up work as required.

The high levels of automation and client self-help result in a significant reduction in the collections effort typically by 50%-75%.

The automated, multichannel communications system also ensures that ALL slow payers are proactively contacted using “low cost touches” wherever possible.

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