OfficeTorque FRM 3 Series


OfficeTorque’s FRM 3 Series is specifically designed for SMEs that want to make it easier for their customers to process their invoices and pay them. OfficeTorque FRM 3 Series will quickly convert the static PDF from your accounting software into a fully interactive iBill+ with pre-integrated payment options that allow your customers to quickly and easily arrange a payment directly from the iBill. They can also launch a query or export your invoice as a data file for easy uploading to their own AP or accounting systems.


Key features include:
– rapid deployment
– no integration required
– easy to use
– pre-integrated payment options
– customers can easily query and export their invoices as a data file
– can convert any system generated PDF invoice or statement
– handy follow up console for chasing slow payers
– low cost subscription based SaaS

Latest release features:
– ‘Future Dated’, and ‘Store Payment’ options
– Instalment / Progress Payments
– Upgraded Client Portal
FRM Diagram

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