What is FRM - Financial Relationship Management?


Financial Relationship Management – FRM

CRM for the back-office

OfficeTorque FRM solutions automate most of the workflow and communications associated with invoice and bill presentment, payment, AR management, disputes and reconciliation, not only reducing costs and debtor days, but also improving the end customer experience.

Happier customers – faster cashflow.

Making it easier for your customers to manage invoice and payment processing, not only contributes to greater customer satisfaction, but also helps to reduce the collection effort, and accelerate cashflow.

Removing menial and manual activity from the Accounts Receivable (AR) process.

A lot of focus and investment has gone into automating sales, marketing and fulfilment, but little has changed in the way businesses invoice and collect payment. Flexible and customisable Accounts Receivables (AR) automation frees up time to focus on the difficult cases and activities that require a human touch.


OfficeTorque FRM – an holistic approach that turns debtors into customers that pay on time.
FRM Diagram

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