Post COVID-19 Cashflow Recovery Solutions


Discover ways we can help your business quickly recover cashflow, post COVID-19.


E-Invoicing and e-Payments that drive cashflow

Even if you are already sending PDF invoices, now is the time to migrate all your clients to the very latest digital invoicing experience. Unlike a normal PDF, OfficeTorque’s interactive iBill+ will provide a one-touch experience for your clients, allowing them to quickly and easily process your invoice, arrange payment, query or download electronically direct to their AP system. Choose from our fully integrated solutions, or you can simply upload your current PDF invoices and we will convert them to a fully interactive iBill+, send them to your clients and help you to get paid much sooner. If you are still sending paper invoices, the interactive ‘one-touch’ experience will drive rapid adoption.

Add e-Payment options to speed up payment

OfficeTorque provides a seamless invoice payment experience allowing your customers to arrange payment directly from their iBill+ . They can Pay Now, Schedule a Payment or  Pay by Instalment using Credit Card, Bank Transfer, PayPal or any other ePayment service you wish to use. Any payment via the OfficeTorque Payment Portal carries all the invoice references and correct amounts to ensure simple cash allocations courtesy of our Pay File reporting.

Accept Credit Card payment to smooth cashflow for you and your customers

Offering payment by credit card will allow some customers to pay who could not otherwise. OfficeTorque can help you enable invoice payment by card and at the same time deliver pre-matched invoice pay files for easy cash allocation.

Offer ‘Payment by Instalments’ so that you and your customers can both recover and get back to normal business sooner

Cashflow pressure has never been higher. Rather than face bad debt or write-offs, there is an opportunity to provide your customers with the option to repay their overdue invoices over a series of instalments. OfficeTorque’s Payment Plan module will automatically establish a repayment schedule defined either by you, or self-selected by your clients, based on your preset parameters. OfficeTorque will link the schedule to an agreed payment method, typically credit card or bank transfer, and automatically collect payment on the agreed dates.

Accounts Receivable Automation

Tracking and following up on slow payers in a timely manner will never be more important than now. Manual AR will increasingly become more time consuming and complicated. OfficeTorque has a range of AR tools that will help you to monitor payment behaviour and automatically send personalised reminders to slow payers based on your desired follow up process. Any genuine barriers to payment can be captured and resolved early in time before invoices become overdue.