Interactive Electronic Invoicing and Billing


When most people talk about electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) and electronic billing (e-billing), they are referring to a static PDF either attached to an email or placed on a website for retrieval. This is not particularly useful for the recipient as they can only ever view it, save it or print it. The outcome is a very poor customer experience which often results in low adoption rates, slow payment and costly follow up processes.
In order to make the billing experience for customers much more useful and valuable, OfficeTorque developed interactive invoices, and interactive bills, we call the iBill+. These invoices can be customised to match your branding and are immediately accessible from your clients’ inbox. No opening attachments, or having to log into a website to retrieve them. Most importantly, they contain a wide range of interactive functions that can be initiated directly from the iBill, including direct access to ePayment options, feedback about problems, reminders, access to view all their accounts on-line and even invoice data downloading. The format and functionality can be optimised to suit both B2C and or B2B environments across any industry sector.

Our iBill+ is designed to provide your customers with a ‘single-touch’ experience. When they receive their iBill from you, they can choose to raise a ‘Query’ directly from the invoice if they are unhappy about something, or ‘Schedule a Payment’ either now or for the due date. They don’t have to print, save or come back to the bill again for processing at a later date. We will also auto-populate all the transactional and reference information you require for easy reconciliation.

The OfficeTorque iBill+ combines both an image of the invoice as well as the data. This means that your clients can view the bill for acceptance or query, and then download the invoice data to a CSV file for processing and uploading into their own accounting software for AP approval and invoice loading. No more data entry required. You customers can download from each individual invoice, or multiple invoices from the client portal.

We will also customise your iBill+ template to look exactly how you want it, ensuring full alignment with your brand image. You can have multiple templates to suit different branches, business units or product lines.

OfficeTorque FRM users are experiencing between 60% and 95% adoption our iBill+ which translates into an equivalent reduction in print and distribution costs.

And for those customers who still want paper based billing, OfficeTorque FRM will automatically manage the mix for you.

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