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Wouldn’t it be great if all your clients could access all their accounts on-line any time via your web-site? What if they could be re-directed automatically to a secure Client Portal from any electronic invoice or email reminder they receive from you? And what if you didn’t have to build an expensive bespoke Portal to do this for you?

The OfficeTorque FRM solution will give you all of this plus ePayment options, Customer Query, Data Export and many other great functions. Your Client Portal can be optimised for B2C and or B2B environments and is customisable so it will look exactly like an extension of your existing website, and we’ll do all the work for you to deliver a great customer experience at a fraction of the cost it would take to build your own.

The electronic invoices from OfficeTorque are all interactive and provide both an image of the bill as well as the associated data file.  This means that your clients, particularly businesses and those receiving multiple invoices from you, can easily download the data file to a CSF file for processing, and uploading into their own accounting software removing the need to re-enter your invoices manually.

Your new Client Portal will also include fully featured secure login, client selectable “remember me” direct access, and customer profile update functionality.

You can even deliver and receive documents and other files securely through the Client Portal.

On average, OfficeTorque FRM users are seeing upwards of 7o% of their customers “self-helping”, accessing and managing their accounts on-line. This is lowering the “cost to serve” considerably and at the same time enhancing the customer satisfaction.

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