Electronic Payment and Credit Card Processing


OfficeTorque offers a variety of ePayment options that can be launched directly from the iBill+ or from the Client Portal.

The majority of on-line ePayment systems are designed for web-based eCommerce transactions. They typically only offer ‘Pay Now’ options, and do not cater for bill payment, where most customers prefer to pay on or around the due date. So in addition to ‘Pay Now’, OfficeTorque can also offer ‘Schedule Payment’ which allows your customers to quickly and easily schedule a future dated payment at the time they receive their iBill or view their accounts on the Client Portal.

For all ePayment options, the transactional and reference information is automatically preloaded by OfficeTorque FRM into the correct fields in the payment gateway making it quick and easy for your customers to pay you, and at the same time ensuring you receive all the correct information for simple and accurate reconciliation of payments.

OfficeTorque can also provide you with a ‘Payment Plan’ module that allows you to quickly create a schedule of repayments including your fees, communicate this with your client and then provide on-going monitoring for correct repayments.

Reduced cost to service, better cash flow forecasting, reduced DSO, and greater customer satisfaction are just some of the many benefits resulting from these fully integrated payment options.

PayTorque Payment Processing

OfficeTorque has established a subsidiary business, PayTorque, that specialises in online invoice and bill payment solutions.

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