OfficeTorque solutions easily integrate with your existing ERP, Practice Management or accounting software.

The required client and transactional information is synchronised as often as required each day to ensure OfficeTorque FRM is updated and working with near real-time data. The information is securely transferred either by way of industrial grade middleware, or via an API.

We can also connect to more than one database. This might be to provide consolidated bill presentment and collections across multiple legacy systems supporting a number of different products or services, or it might be a desire to centralise billing and AR management across a number of branches or business units.

If you have a CRM, we can integrate to this as well to ensure the front-office and back-office functions are sharing relevant information to provide a much more comprehensive single view of your customers.

OfficeTorque FRM is web-based, so there’s no local desktop software to deploy or manage. All users require is an internet enabled device, and they can access the system anywhere, at any time.

Got something else, then contact us and we will confirm our ability to integrate. And if you don’t want to go through an integration, you can use our FRM 3 series in Standalone mode.

Here are just some of the many ERP and accounting software solutions we have integrated with.

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