Electronic billing, payment and collections reinvented

Drive adoption of electronic billing and reduce costs with interactive iBills

Enhance the online customer experience for billing and payment

Make paying your bill as easy as an online purchase

Reduce the collection effort and get paid sooner


Reduced Billing Costs


Customer Self-Help


Reduced Collection Effort


Reduction in Debtor Days

The latest in interactive electronic billing, self-help client portals, integrated bill payment and automated accounts receivable for businesses that want to provide a superior online customer experience, reduce costs and get paid sooner.



Drive adoption of electronic billing

Completely change the bill processing and payment experience for your customers with our fully customisable interactive electronic bill and invoice presentment solution.

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Enhance the online customer experience

Enhance your customer service and reduce cost to serve with an easy to use high function self-help Client Portal at a fraction of the cost it would take to build your own. Deliver a great customer experience with integrated ePayment options, Customer Query, Data Export and many other great functions.

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Reduce the collections effort and get paid sooner

Significantly reduce the collections effort and costs by automating many of the manual customer follow up and dispute management processes. You can easily configure customised workflows and communications to suit a wide range of different customer profiles.


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Convert 'promise to pay' into actual payments

When it’s time to follow up slow payers by phone, OfficeTorque FRM provides you with all the information and next step tools to escalate disputes, establish repayment plans, and most importantly capture payment authorisations to really drive up your “commit to pay” ratios.



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Make it really easy for your customers to pay your bill

Unlike a traditional static PDF bill, the OfficeTorque iBill  includes fully integrated ePayment options, so your clients no longer have to print out their invoice for processing later on,  or go off to their banking site to arrange a payment. They can manage it all directly from their iBill by whatever options you wish to make available including Credit Card, paperless Direct Debit, PayPal or any other ePayment service you wish to use.

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