Billentis Report 2016 – “Digitisation & Automation”.

The Billentis Report 2016 examines the latest global trends and opportunities for electronic invoicing / electronic billing. Authored by Bruno Koch, a globally recognised industry analyst in e-invoicing and e-billing, this report aims to assist companies considering e-invoicing solutions to find the best model for themselves and a suitable solution.

OfficeTorque is proud to support the 2016 report “Digitisation & Automation”.

Among the many highlights in the 2016 report:

  • Electronic invoice handling processes enable costs reduction by 60-80%
  • Typical payback periods for investments in e-invoicing projects is 6 -18 months
  • The fastest growing e-Invoice format is the image plus data Hybrid
  • E-invoicing is increasingly used as an enabler for AR and AP processing
  • Global challenges, legislation, technology trends driving e-invoicing adoption
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