Peppol e-Invoicing in Australia and NZ

In 2019, the Australian and New Zealand governments decided to adopt the PEPPOL framework for e-invoicing to help businesses to improve invoicing efficiencies and security. Download our guide to find out more about the history, benefits and what it means for your business.

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Billentis Report 2016 – “Digitisation & Automation”.

The Billentis Report 2016 examines the latest global trends and opportunities for electronic invoicing / electronic billing. Authored by Bruno Koch, a globally recognised industry analyst in e-invoicing and e-billing, this report aims to assist companies considering e-invoicing solutions to find the best model for themselves and a suitable solution.

OfficeTorque is proud to support the 2016 report “Digitisation & Automation”.

Among the many highlights in the 2016 report:

  • Electronic invoice handling processes enable costs reduction by 60-80%
  • Typical payback periods for investments in e-invoicing projects is 6 -18 months
  • The fastest growing e-Invoice format is the image plus data Hybrid
  • E-invoicing is increasingly used as an enabler for AR and AP processing
  • Global challenges, legislation, technology trends driving e-invoicing adoption
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The Case for Customer Self-Help Billing and Portal

Increasingly “self – help” options are a prerequisite for good customer service. But they can also deliver significant savings and better insight.

Customers typically seek out companies that are easy to do business with. Expectations around better customer service now extend into the post sales relationship. Savvy businesses recognise that a great billing and payment experience will not only be a source of customer satisfaction and competitive advantage but will also reduce the cost to serve and accelerate cash flow.

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Customer, Customer, Customer, Debtor

Billing and collections is an often-undervalued “moment of truth” in the overall customer experience that businesses can no longer afford to ignore.

This whitepaper explores how the post transactional customer experience can impact customer loyalty and profitability.

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Breaking the eBilling Ceiling

This article looks at how new developments in electronic billing are driving much higher adoption rates than traditional image only PDFs.

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